Join the Virtue 6 week Kettlebell Program for busy guys and take back control of your fitness.

The Virtue 6 week Kettlebell Coaching Program is designed for every day guys with real lives and time constraints that are seeking to feel better, look better and perform better so that they can experience life to the fullest.


The Virtue 6 Week Kettlebell Program Includes

Simple workouts that are short, effective and easy to understand

Balanced nutrition plan that makes eating healthy convenient and enjoyable. No rabbit food here gentlemen.

Consistent, reliable results given you put forth the effort to follow the workouts and eat the foods.

Expert instruction that ensures maximum effectiveness and safety

The ability to workout anytime anywhere based on your schedule.


In just six weeks you will become stronger, leaner,more mobile, and more resilient. The Virtue 6 Week Kettlebell Program makes working out and eating healthy simple, time efficient, and affordable.


Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need to get started?

Most guys should begin their kettlebell journey with a 16kg kettlebell. If you feel especially confident in your strength abilities a 24kg (53#) is also recommended. It is not recommended that you go any heavier for now.

Other than a single kettlebell you will need a somewhat forgiving surface to train on and enough space to lay down on your back. That’s it!

How Many days do I have to workout / How long are the workouts?

You should budget 30-45 minutes for a workout and will be working out 3 days a week. You will also have optional conditioning workouts for those guys that are uber motivated and have the additional time to invest.

I don’t cook. Can I still follow the nutrition plan that is included?

There are restaurant and meal service options included with the nutrition plan. If you can throw stuff into a blender for a morning super-shake, this nutrition plan is within your culinary abilities.

How much weight will I lose?

That’s tough to say with 100% certainty but, it’s not uncommon for guys to lose anywhere from 10-12 pounds in six weeks. That being said, you should not be focusing solely on the scale. You should also be paying attention to energy levels, body measurements, and improvements in strength in the key lifts the program is centered around.

How much does it cost?

Normally, working with a less experienced personal trainer 3x’s/wk will cost over $400 a month. This often does not include a nutrition program and you are forced to train at a specific location and based on the availability of the trainer. When you sign up for The Virtue 6 Week Kettlebell Program you can train anywhere, anytime, up to five days a week. AND you get a nutrition plan. All of this is an investment of $279, less than $50 a week.